Website and Mobile App Help Desk Support


Help Desk Model


The Kalaam Media Client Services Help Desk is a virtual Help Desk staffed by Kalaam Digital Publishing Managers and their Assistants strategically located around the globe. It is virtual because Help is accessed via email, video conference, text message or a mobile call. Our Digital Publishing Managers have all taught face to face In-Country Website Building Workshops and have in-depth knowledge of Kalaam’s Ecosystem including the Wildfire Website Builder. They have also built and maintained thousands of Mobile Apps and stand ready to assist with your needs in this area. Our objective is to provide timely, accurate responses to the questions, issues and needs brought to us by our clients. In addition to personal responses, our Help Desk is supplemented by online Help documentation, training videos and support videos. These are accessible and downloadable anywhere connection to the internet is available.


User Group Model


To further enhance our Help Desk support we work to establish local User Groups during In-Country Website Building Workshops. We encourage the trainees to connect with one another during the workshop and form a User Group which will continue to function as a local resource after the workshop ends. These User Groups become an on-going forum for the individual trained website managers providing them with a locally accessible, easy to use way to share ideas, challenges, problems, and solutions. An added bonus is that this first level of support is typically in the language and time-zone of the User Group members. Where issues are beyond the knowledge and skill of the local group members our Help Desk team stands ready to respond.


Support for Website Building/Maintaining versus Mobile App Support


Website support is provided as described above by our Implementation Managers, Implementation Assistants, and User Groups. Mobile app support is provided by our Mobile App Service Center. The Mobile App Service Center supports our clients’ app needs by building, testing, publishing to stores, and life cycle maintaining their apps. The Center supports Android, iOS, and Progressive Web App (PWA) technologies providing the following services:

  • App Building - with integration of text, audio, video, and graphics
  • Audio Synchronization - with scrolling highlighted text
  • Diglot and Triglot Support – for multi-lingual apps
  • Cloud-Based Hosting – of audio and video apps
  • App Store Creation - of country or region specific Kalaam Media stores
  • App Publication - to Google, Microsoft (for PWAs) and Kalaam Stores
  • Dedicated App Hosting - on Kalaam Cloud servers of apps where a commercial app store is not suitable
  • Multiple Types of Apps - support for Scripture with media, story with media, and dictionary apps
  • Help Desk Support

What makes our Help Desk approach unique?


We have worked hard to create a client support infrastructure that fully meets the needs of our website and mobile app clients. Faced with the challenge of clients in almost every time zone on earth we have strategically located our website, app, and network management staff so that we are able to support our clients during normal hours regardless the time zone. The key elements of our Help support strategy are:

  • A Skilled Team - Our client service Digital Publishing Managers and Assistants have attended and taught In-Country Website Building Workshops and are skilled in the use of our applications. Our mobile app staff have built thousands of apps and are skilled in all aspects of mobile app support.
  • Personal Connection - Since our help team also teaches workshops, your instructor could be the one providing you help after the workshop is over. There is benefit in knowing the person who is helping you.
  • Digital Publishing Assistants - Our Digital Publishing Assistants are located in many regions of the world, and although not formally on Kalaam Media staff, they volunteer their time to provide help on a limited basis.
  • Multi-Lingual Support - All of our Client Service team members are fluent in English and some are fluent in French, Spanish, Hindi, Malay, and German. Where additional language support is needed we have access to resources able to meet that need. Additionally, our online documentation is available in multiple languages and the Wildfire user interface can also be toggled between multiple languages when translated.
  • Regular Help Status Reviews - Our Help team meets weekly to review any problem issues and to keep abreast of issues raised by our clients. This is done to enhance the effectiveness of our Help support.
  • Automated Software Updates and Bug Fixes - We also ensure our clients are advised of software updates and bug fixes. All bug fixes and updates are done on an automated basis and require no action by our clients.

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